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The decision to install a prefab metal building can daunt you. Even if you own a business or simply need extra parking, you will need to choose from the numerous options and variations that come with metal buildings. But, the effort to familiarize yourself with this guide becomes worth it.

Steel buildings quickly mount themselves as an essential solution for today's modern building needs. In fact, these prefabricated steel buildings beat out other buildings in terms of their cost-consciousness, flexibility, and beauty. Learn to choose between the many prefabricated possibilities by reading this guide to metal buildings for buyers like you.

Introducing the Metal Building Buying Guide!

Whenever you consider the buying of a steel building, divide and conquer. In the following sections, you'll learn to work out the advantages of steel buildings and see what the installation process might look like. Then, explore the planning, design, and accessorizing of your metal building project all the way to delivery and assembly. These sections appear to help you through the complete buying process:

  • The Benefits of Using Prefab Metal Buildings
  • The Steel Building Planning Process
  • Planning
  • Designs
  • Metal Building Customization Options
  • Pre-Installation Work
  • Assembly

Gain Advantages with Prefab Metal Buildings

Prefabricated metal buildings bring numerous benefits to any building project. They contain various perks in costs, installation, energy savings, insurance, durability, customization, and more. Quickly, let's consider this list of benefits you receive from using prefab metal buildings:


Lower overall costs exist for those who choose alternative building forms like prefabricated buildings designed to fit together quickly and easily.

DIY Installation

The installation of your own steel or metal building can save you much of your investment. So, cost savings again appear even with added convenience.

Saving on Energy

By filling gaps in doors, windows, and other areas, prefab metal buildings reduce HVAC costs with ingenuity such as piece precision and reflective paint.

Saving on Insurance

Buildings that aren't steel structures have higher insurance rates than those that are because of flammability. In fact, your premiums could be almost half of what they currently are.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

You'll reduce maintenance costs by choosing prefabricated metal for your next building due to their many warranties and resistance to warping, rotting, and other wooden-based deterioration.

Long-Lasting and Durable

The solid metal components that make up a prefabricated steel building, for example, can handle most conditions even with wind speeds of over 180 mph.

Reduction of Fire Risk

As you might imagine, steel buildings add a layer of comfort to their owner's psyche with a lower likelihood of catching fire. This reduced risk appears for insurance premium reduction as well.

100% Recyclable

Many people call steel prefab buildings "green buildings" because they require less material, energy, and waste than other forms of construction in a time when environmental consciousness has never been more critical.


Every steel building can be made unique to the customer, business, or client. This means that every inch of your building can be outfitted with everything you need to find success with your new project.

Weather-, Mold-, Mildew-, and Pest-Resistant

Because of the strength and durability of the material, prefab metal buildings resist wind, snow, rain, moisture, mildew, mold, and pests like no other! You can finally stop worrying about external threats to your building.

Explore the Steel Building Planning Process

Whenever you build, you must plan. The installation of steel prefab kits demands smooth and sufficient planning. The following areas are important stages for your purchase:


Ask yourself about the size, accessories, features, and elements of the structure before you speak with an engineer or specialist.


Transform your sketches, ideas, and lists into a plan and design for a building from which you can get a quoted price.


Simply place your deposit and order before you begin the preparation of your metal building.


Scout out a contractor or another professional to help with the installation of your building on the property you prepare.


You might need to grade, remove brush, excavate, survey, or otherwise prepare for the delivery and installation process.


Receive a complete and ready prefabricated metal building from your dealer and provider on the day they guarantee.


Get free installation from some providers of prefab metal buildings or do it yourself for extra savings on the cost of installation.


Finish your building through the inclusion of flooring, paint, and trims so that all the adornments are there.

Plan for Success Legally, Practically, and Physically

Planning in the legal, practical, and physical spheres readies you for the most success while getting your steel or prefab building installed.

Practical Factors

Think about the capabilities and needs for your building for nearby utilities or space for expansion.

Legal Factors

Observe energy and building codes for your new building project.

Physical Building Factors

Concerns in the orientation, size, dimensions, and height of your building may impact installation.

  • Building Orientation
  • Building Dimensions and Overall Size
  • Building Height
  • Roof Pitch
  • Framed Openings

Design for Work, Commerce, and Custom Applications

So many possibilities present themselves to customers seeking a prefab metal building for their next project. Here are some popular designs:

Metal Carports

Quickly install a metal carport for storing and shading your vehicle.

Metal Garages

Gain a multi-use and multi-purpose space for storage and functions.

Metal Barns

Store equipment and keep animals in prefabricated spaces.

Custom Metal Buildings

Design a building for almost any project, function, or purpose.

Commercial Metal Buildings

Create a space for your customers and clients.

Clear Span Buildings

Install a building with a clear span that offers vast interior space.

Workshop Buildings

Work in a space that you designed and built easily through prefabrication.

RV Covers

Cover your RV or other items with a prefabricated metal structure.

Utility Carports

Get massive function from a carport with utility through easy prefab steel buildings.

Combo Buildings

Combine different styles to meet extremely varied needs.

And More!

Customize Your Metal Building with Options

Just as every building comes in a unique design for each buyer and customer, there are countless variations possible for you to customize your experience:

  • Size: Choose the size of your building and its footprint on your property.
  • Doors and Windows: Add doors and windows almost anywhere for complete function.
  • Color Options: Change any detail of color or hue for the perfect realization of your vision.
  • Roof Styles: Select from many different roof styles with different aesthetics and advantages.
  • Steel Gauges: Get 12 and 14 gauge for steel frames or 26 and 29 gauge for roof panels.
  • Anchors: Add any anchors you need to your building for expert installation.
  • Certifications: Certification is available for some buildings that meet requirements.
  • Insulation: Insulate and protect your assets and inhabitants through smart, green options.
  • Wainscoting: Get paneling that allows protective and decorative functions.
  • And More!

Perform the Pre-Installation Work

Before you get your building completely installed, you will need to spend some time getting to know the location, foundation, and permits needed for the building installation.

  • Location: Decide where you will choose to install your structure, knowing and anticipating the future needs you may have.
  • Site Preparation: Prepare the site for professional or personal installation by clearing anything from the site that might impede excavation and stop labor from succeeding.
  • Foundation: Making a foundation for your building can be tricky, but consulting an expert can make things much simpler.
  • Building Permits: Before installation, ensure you have the appropriate licenses and permits for your building project.

Assemble Your Prefab Metal Building

The assembly of your metal building can be done on your own or as part of a deal with the metal building provider. Here are some of your options:

  • Through a Metal Building Dealer: Metal building dealers like Global Carport actually offer to install your building as part of the price. You might take advantage of this perk by shopping with them.
  • Working by Yourself: You can also install your prefab steel or metal building all on your own to save time on installation costs from professional labor, especially if you buy without free installation.

Buy a Metal Building from Global Carport

You now see how to completely buy a prefab metal building from planning to assembly, and you understand the benefits of buying a metal building in the first place. Your next step is to buy with a trusted partner in metal buildings, Global Carport.

Global Carport provides quality metal buildings through a dedicated team of experts who give superior customer service. With the best pricing on the market, Global Carport excels in lead times with fast and free delivery. For a custom metal building with professional installation and a 20-year warranty, contact Global Carport for your next building at (800) 918-7432.