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A-Frame Roof Carports

The A-Frame roof carport is one of our most versatile and durable metal structures. Sometimes called a boxed-eave roof, the A-Frame has extra steel support around the edges of the roof to maximize stability. The capacity for customizing an A-Frame roof carport by Global Carport has made them a great choice for a range of situations.

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What Do The Best A-Frame Carports Look Like?

As the best metal buildings dealer in the business, Global Carport knows exactly what it takes to make sure your A-Frame roof carport is the perfect custom solution for your needs.


26x21x8 Aframe Horizontal Roof Carport

  • Width26
  • Length21
  • Height8
SKU : MECA26258AFRS103

26x25x8 Aframe Horizontal Carport

  • Width26
  • Length25
  • Height8
SKU : MECA18267AFRS107

18x26x7 Aframe Horizontal Carport

  • Width18
  • Length26
  • Height7

12x21x7 Aframe Horizontal Carport

  • Width12
  • Length21
  • Height7
SKU : MECA18368AFRS112

18x36x8 Aframe Horizontal Combo Carport

  • Width18
  • Length36
  • Height8
SKU : MECA123113AFRS117

12x31x13 Aframe Horizontal Certified Carport

  • Width12
  • Length31
  • Height13

20x30x7 Aframe Carport

  • Width20
  • Length30
  • Height7

What Are Some of the Ways A-Frame Carports Can Be Used?

A-Frame roof carports are so much more than just a shelter for your vehicle. With a little customization, they can be used for several clever applications:

Double Car Shelter

Why settle for protecting just one of your vehicles when you can get a custom A-Frame roof metal carport that’s designed to be wide enough to accommodate two?

Boat Storage Space

If you’re the proud owner of a beautiful boat, the last thing you want is for it to be constantly exposed to the elements. Protect it with a metal carport!

RV Parking

RVs are generally quite large, and finding a safe place to park it when you’re not using it to explore the country can be tricky. A custom metal carport provides the perfect solution.

Outdoor Patio Protection

Do you love relaxing at home on your back patio? With a custom A-frame roof carport, you’re no longer stuck inside when bad weather strikes!

Tool & Equipment Storage

Need a dry place to keep your tools organized, or to store your lawnmower or other equipment? Our custom metal carports can provide the perfect solution.

Customizing A-Frame Roof Carports To Your Needs

The secret to getting the most out of your A-Frame roof metal carport is customization. By choosing the options that are perfect for your situation, you can get a lifetime of value.

Start by choosing an appropriate size for your steel carport, based on what you plan to use it for. From there, you can decide if you’re satisfied with an A-Frame horizontal roof or if you would be better off using a vertical roof instead. You can also customize several other aspects of your steel structure, including the gables, anchors, the gauge of the steel framing, and the certifications that it comes with.

A-Frame roof carports by Global Carport also come in a variety of carefully selected colors. You can take your pick of Black, Barn Red, White, Slate Blue, Sandstone, Rawhide, Quaker Grey, Pewter Grey, Pebble Beige, Evergreen, Earth Brown, Clay, or Burgundy.

Have a customization idea that isn’t listed? We offer tons of options, just give us a call today on (800) 918-7432, and we can find a way to make it work!

How To Properly Prepare Your A-Frame Roof Carport Site for Installation?

At Global Carport, we do everything in our power to make it as quick and easy as possible to install your custom A-Frame roof metal carport, but you are responsible for making sure the site is properly prepared when we get there. Here are the most important things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly:

  • Acquire any necessary building permits from your local authorities
  • Have a plumber and/or electrician visit the site before our visit (if you’ll need water or electricity for you carport)
  • Determine if you want a soil foundation or a concrete/asphalt one and ensure the area is leveled
  • Make sure there’s room for the delivery truck to pull within 50 feet
  • Clear the area so our team can have full access
  • Identify any immovable structures such as walls in the installation area and let us know in advance
  • Clear out any vegetation or small plants around the existing structure

What Goes Into Determining A-Frame Roof Carport Prices?

Once you’ve found the perfect A-Frame roof carport for you and called a Global Carport building expert on (800) 918-7432 for a quote, they’ll walk you through all the details that go into determining your final price. Our A-Frame roof custom metal carports start at $1,295, and your choices regarding size, location, customization, steel frame gauge, manufacturer, etc., will all combine to determine the total amount of your quote.

To make deciding to invest in your new custom steel structure even simpler, we offer two great financing options in-house. If you decide financing is right for you, you can either take advantage of our rent-to-own program, or our direct financing program.

A-Frame Roof Carports by Global Carport - The Best In The Business

You’re considering a custom metal A-Frame roof carport from Global Carport because you’ve heard that we are the best metal buildings dealer in the business. We’ve earned that reputation by always using the highest quality materials, and providing exceptional customer service. We offer free delivery and installation for all our metal carports, and our 12- gauge steel framing is backed by a 20-year rust-through warranty.

What are you waiting for? Call Global Carport on (800) 918-7432 for your quote today and experience the joy of working with the best.

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